The Benefits of Working With an Expediter

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Plan – Permit – Build.

We provide full services for all your Permitting & Licensing needs. In addition to your Building Permits and Approved Plans there are various other permits, approvals, and documents that may be required for your project. You can rely on MENOTTI & Company to cut through the Red Tape so you can spend your time doing what you do best.

What is an Expediter?

When you go to court you need an Attorney.
When you need to go to the Building Department for a permit,
you need to send an Expediter.

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Why should I use an Expediter?

Saves you and your Client time and money

An Expediter obtains, explains, fills out, and efficiently processes Required Documents

A good Expediter is familiar with the Permit Process and the Department Staff at all levels.

What are the benefits of using an Expediter?

Your time and money saved.

Think of it as an analogous situation. At Tax Time you could do your own taxes, ask a friend, or hire an Accountant to get the paperwork done and also give advice and planning.... we are like the Accountant.

The Building Permit process is designed to ensure that buildings comply with minimum standards of safety as established by the Chicago Building Code.

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